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June 2, 2014
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School Cleaning? Yes we do that too! -The Evergreen Management Group


School Cleaning Services

The condition of your grounds, lecture theatres, classrooms and boarding accommodation has a direct impact on your reputation as an education provider.

We serve  many of Australia’s leading schools, TAFEs and universities. We create clean and tidy work spaces for staff – and positive learning experiences for students. We are not new to School Cleaning Contracts and have a strong history in fulfilling Schools.

Cleaning Schools is on of the many things we do best and we maintain ALL  School Cleaning Standards at the highest level!

Choose Evergreen to clean your educational environment and you can expect:

  • routine cleaning at times that cause minimal disruption
  • first-at-the-scene responsiveness in any cleaning emergency
  • professionally trained, courteous cleaning staff
  • all health and safety standards to be met
  • compliance with all accreditation and legislative requirements.
  • intelligent cleaning practices.

Our school cleaning service saved our customers on their cleaning costs through:

  • staff multi-skilling
  • smarter cleaning routines
  • specialist teams dedicated to high-traffic areas and hubs.

School cleaning services – Servicing School Cleaning Tenders

  • General facilities – floors, carpet, glass, offices and high traffic public areas
  • Food preparation areas – commercial kitchens and staff rooms
  • Public restrooms and boarding house bathrooms
  • Ground and garden maintenance
  • General rubbish collection, disposal and recycling

Other Services

We offer House Cleaning Service and all VIP Cleansing Services. Be certain to check out our Commercial Cleaning Services and products.

Facilities Management

Whether it’s a single building or a national portfolio, we take care of all buildings and properties with full operational responsibility. From long-term infrastructure to everyday solutions, we intend to make your buildings and centres smarter, greener, more secure and more cost effective.

Trolley Services 

We offer the best trolley services there is in Sydney, and we are considered the trolley collectors. We currently work with the major retailers such as Woolworths mobile, united trolley and community organisations to do our part. We are dedicated to offering the highest level of service to major retailers and extending the service to every state in Australia.

We work closely with councils, shopping centres (Woolworths mobile partners like United trolley) in saving a lost trolley. We also arrange meetings regularly with trolley collectors, Woolworths mobile partners where interested parties (trolley collectors) can a recover lost trolley/abandoned trolley or two. The cost savings around each lost trolley/abandoned trolley being in a trolley collecting campaign illustrates phenomenal savings. Here we can work together with all trolley collectors, Woolworths mobile partners such as united trolley, to achieve optimal outcomes.

Our services include:

Push in service

Street run service

Efficient and safe car park trolley collecting service.

We also do trolley collecting from the surrounding streets and public areas. Equipment used in trolley collecting includes:

  • Trolley tracker
  • Tractors and Trailers
  • Muvit Machines (installed with trolley tracker.

All equipment is inspected and maintained on a regular basis to ensure our Woolworth mobile partners are happy. We work closely with councils, arranging meetings where interested parties can work together to achieve a workable solution for the unique circumstances of individual locations. Each lost trolley/abandoned trolley saved is a positive outcome and all new trolleys are fitted with a trolley tracker. To find out how our trolley collectors service can save a lost trolley or to improve the environment and save your business money contact us now! Our Trolley collectors are dedicated to offering the highest level of service to major retailers and extending the service to every state in Australia. Remember – a saved trolley is better than a lost trolley or abandoned trolley!

School Cleaning Services
* A fun fact about  (Maid a Cleaning Services)

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